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Please wear comfortable clothing. You will be seen by a doctor of physical therapy for every single visit. Your session will be one-on-one, and either 60 or 90 minutes. Payment is required at time of service. We accept cash, debit card, credit card, or HSA cards.​ Your evaluation will consist of a comprehensive medical/personal intake discussion and a comprehensive physical examination. Based on your evaluation, treatment will begin the same day. You will also be provided with education and tools to help treat your condition.

At Fit & Function, our commitment to providing personalized, high-quality care is the cornerstone of our practice. We have chosen to be out of network with insurance companies because this model allows us to deliver therapy that is patient-centered and free from the constraints often imposed by insurance providers.

Insurance companies typically have a significant influence over the treatment plans and duration of therapy sessions in in-network clinics. This influence can sometimes restrict the ability of therapists to offer the most effective treatments. Our out-of-network status means that we are not bound by such limitations. We have the flexibility to design therapy sessions that are solely focused on your unique needs and goals, ensuring that every minute of therapy is productive and tailored to you.

Being a cash pay practice means our patients can enjoy more efficient and concentrated sessions. With 100% one-on-one care, there’s a significant reduction in the number of visits typically required compared to traditional in-network clinics. Our approach often results in a quicker resolution of pain and a faster return to the activities you love. While it may seem like a higher upfront cost, the efficiency and effectiveness of our care often lead to a more cost-effective and valuable experience overall.

At Fit & Function, we believe in investing in your health proactively. Our out-of-network model is a reflection of our dedication to the highest level of care, providing you with an exceptional therapy experience focused on achieving optimal results.​

Each therapist will only see one patient at a time in order to focus 100% of our attention on you. This will enable us to gain a full understanding of your concerns and needs, and allow us to best treat your condition in a holistic manner.
Client feedback has been positive, as our practice has a very different, more “boutique” feel than other large practices where therapists see multiple patients at the same time.

​For private health insurance (non-Medicare), you may self-submit a superbill (which we can provide at the end of your session) to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your insurance’s policy. Most insurance companies have forms available for download on their websites and each policy varies greatly as to how much they will reimburse. Prior to your appointment with Fit & Function, you should call your insurance to inquire if they reimburse for pre-paid physical therapy, how much they reimburse, and what their process is for self-submission. If you would like someone to do this for you, Treasure Valley Billing provides competent, professional independent billing for $10/visit.
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​We request 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If given less than 24 hours notice, we reserve the right charge a minimum of $75 up to 100% of the session fee.
​Please bring your bike (of course), shoes/cleats, and any and all equipment your normally ride with. This includes shorts, helmet, and sunglasses. This enables us to fully asses your riding posture and help prevent or treat cycling injuries.
​We do not have a relationship with Medicare. Being that we are not enrolled as Medicare providers, there is no way for us to bill Medicare, and also no way for you to self-submit a claim to Medicare for our services. If you would like Medicare to be involved in your care, we are unable to offer you our services, but we would be happy to refer you to another amazing provider.
​We operate by appointment only. When we are with patients, we give them 100% of our attention while working with them, so please leave a message if you get our voicemail. We will call you back as soon as we are able.

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