Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and Ankle Pain PT in Boise, ID

Are Ankle/Foot Discomforts Limiting Your Daily Activities?

If persistent ankle/foot pain is impeding your ability to walk, run, jump, or carry out your daily tasks, Fit & Function Therapy Solutions is here for you.

Are You Facing Training-Related Running Pain?

We Are Here To Provide Long-Term Solutions!

Common Ankle/Foot Conditions We Treat:

Common Causes:

Impaired Mechanics: stiffness or decreased flexibility leading to reduced range of motion.

Injury: sudden impact or load on the tissue.

Chronic compensations: prior injury or fear of future harm causing imbalances.

RecoverRx Performance Physical Therapy Approach:

Ankle and Foot Specific Treatments:

Key Insights:

Tissues Heal: Aid the body in moving from the inflammatory to the recovery phase.

True Source of Pain: Discrepancies between pain and imaging results are common.

Soreness after Exercise: A natural part of strengthening, indicating tissue readiness.

Return to Activities: Achievable through education, proper mechanics, and progressive loading.

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