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Maria Leibler, PT, DPT, MTC

Owner and Founder of Clinical Marketer Physical Therapy
Running Rehab Specialist, Foot & Ankle Specialist
Doctor of Physical Therapy Running Rehabilitation Specialist Certified Manual Therapist Certified Bike Fitter Runner

Hi! I’m Dr. Maria Leibler, a manually trained physical therapist and running rehabilitation specialist – call me Maria. Running is more than my hobby; it’s at the core of my professional life as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. My journey with running began at just five years old and has taken me through a fulfilling career path that intertwines my passion for the sport with a deep commitment to health and wellness.

I began my academic pursuit at the University of Idaho, where I combined my love for sports with an interest in language, earning a Bachelor of Science in Sports Science with a minor in Spanish. Eager to delve deeper into the mechanics of the human body and how it heals, I pursued and obtained my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. Here, I also honed my skills in manual therapy, achieving a certification that allows me to provide targeted, hands-on care to address and resolve the complex challenges runners face.

In my practice, I focus not just on the symptom but on the underlying cause of discomfort or injury. It’s about treating the person as a whole, understanding the intricate details of their lifestyle, training, and personal goals. My philosophy is centered on a partnership where we work collaboratively—me bringing my expertise and you bringing your commitment to health—to not only overcome injuries but to prevent them.

I don’t believe in just telling you what to do; I advocate for empowering you with knowledge and skills to manage your health proactively. That’s why, in addition to treating injuries, I’m passionate about preventive care. I’ve established a practice that allows me to conduct orthopedic screenings and provide education on injury prevention, which, though often overlooked by insurance, is fundamental to lifelong physical wellness.

For me, this profession is about blending scientific knowledge with a personalized approach to help each runner—not only to return from an injury but to achieve their best performance and enjoy every step they take without pain.

If you’re facing challenges in your running journey, or you want to enhance your performance while safeguarding against injuries, I’d be delighted to guide you. Together, we can ensure that you not only meet your running goals but surpass them with a healthy, strong, and resilient body.

Let’s connect and move forward on the path to a stronger, healthier running life.


Jason Leibler - Marketing & Admin

Owner and Founder of Clinical Marketer Physical Therapy

Meet Jason, the marketing and admin maestro of Fit & Function Therapy Solutions, and the charming husband of Dr. Maria Leibler! In 2023, he switched gears from his previous career to dive full-time into supporting his wife’s dream.

But Jason’s talents extend far beyond the clinic. He’s the super-dad to their two adorable kids, aged 6 and 4, and the person in charge of walking their family dog, Henley. When he’s not orchestrating marketing strategies, managing clinic operations, or navigating the joys of parenting, Jason can be found strumming his guitar, watching sports (cheering on the Miami sports teams), or exercising in his garage gym. 

Jason’s journey is a testament to following your heart – and sometimes, your partner – to create something truly special, both at work and at home.

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